9 Carrie Underwood Lyrics Guaranteed To Make You Smile
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9 Carrie Underwood Lyrics Guaranteed To Make You Smile

They’re not always about getting revenge on a cheater.

Carrie Underwood is country music’s reigning queen. She’s been successfully churning out hit single after hit single since being crowned the winner of “American Idol” a decade ago, and is not looking to stop anytime soon. Due to the remarkable success of songs like “Before He Cheats,” “Undo It,” and “Cowboy Casanova,” Carrie has developed a stigma that all her music is limited to the topic of getting revenge on unfaithful lovers. This is not the case, and to prove it, here are nine song lyrics from her collection for when you need a smile.

1. “Some hearts just get lucky sometimes, even hearts like mine.”

Some Hearts: This titular song off of Carrie’s debut album describes how a typically unlucky soul just happens to find that missing piece of their heart unexpectedly. It provides hope for everyone out there that they too can get lucky in love sometimes.

2. “While we’re young and beautiful, living free and easy, here without a worry, dancing in our bare feet.”

We’re Young and Beautiful: This ode to being, as the title suggests, young and beautiful is a fun, lighthearted song that celebrates being in the prime of life. The lyrics will take anyone back to a certain moment in their life where they felt invincible and on top of the world.

3. “Nobody ever told you you shine like a diamond, glitter like gold and you need to know.”

Nobody Ever Told You: The lyrics of this entire song could be included in this list, but the chorus gets the message across perfectly. This song off of Carrie’s “Blown Away” album is a sweet and simple declaration that you are beautiful, no matter what you’ve been told. It’s bound to leave you with a major confidence boost.

4. “Cause sometimes that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand, and what you’ve been up there searching for forever is in your hands.”

So Small: The underlying message of this hit song: don’t sweat the small stuff. It happens to all of us, but when it does we need to remember to take a step back and remember what is really important in life. This song serves as a perfect reminder that you can get through anything.

5. “There’s a lot of wonder left inside of me and you, thank God even crazy dreams come true.”

Crazy Dreams: Coming off the mouth of a small town farm girl from Oklahoma who shot to superstardom, these lyrics really do reassure everyone that even the craziest of dreams can come true.

6. “Don’t listen to them when they say you’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world.”

Change: Taken from Carrie’s third album, “Play On,” this song disproves the notion that no one person can change the world. It restores power in the idea that change is powerful and can be started by anyone.

7. “I won’t cry cause I know I’ll never be lonely, for you are the stars to me, you are the light I follow.”

See You Again: Perhaps Carrie’s most bittersweet song, “See You Again” focuses on a lost loved one and finding peace with their absence knowing that you will indeed see them again one day, and carrying their spirit with you every day until then. The lyrics are relatable for anyone who has lost a loved one, and can put a smile on your face thinking about all those who you will see again.

8. “Sun’s shining bright and it’s meant for us, life is like a ride on a party bus, turn the radio up and sing along with it.”

One Way Ticket: This breezy tune off of “Blown Away” is the ultimate vacation song. You can transport yourself to a tranquil beach with a frozen drink in hand when you whistle along to the bouncy melody. It’s recommended listening to this when the weather is sub-freezing or when you are in need of a mental vacation.

9. “Saying everything without making a sound, a cricket choir in the background, underneath a harvest moon, standing on your shoes in my bare feet, dancing to the rhythm of your heartbeat.”

Heartbeat: Carrie’s latest single describes the sweet moments between two people getting away from the rest of the world for a night. The lyrics are genuine and relatable, making this love song a gem from Carrie’s fifth album, “Storyteller.”