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Carrie Underwood might be one of country music’s biggest stars, but her most important job is still being a mom.

“I definitely feel like it’s changed me as a person,” she said of motherhood. “I’m happier. I’m in a better mood a lot of the time.”

Underwood shares two sons with husband Mike Fisher — Isaiah, 8, and Jacob, 5.

“I remember when we first found out we were gonna have [Isaiah], it [was] like, ‘How are we gonna do this? Our lives are so crazy as it is,’” the singer told PEOPLE. “But you just make room, and you learn how important that family time is, and to be able to spend time and carve out some of that and maybe get to go on vacation and maybe get to go on a cruise — that stuff is so important to, like I said, make time for family. That’s what it’s all about.”

While she looks like she has it all figured out in the parenting department, Underwood freely admits home life “isn’t so glamorous.”

“It’s real,” she said of her family’s home life. “I love that our house is a mess and there’s toys everywhere. I’m constantly trying to make it not a mess, but it is and that’s OK. I love that my life isn’t so glamorous.”

Underwood added, “I give motherhood my all. I give entertaining my all. Hopefully everything will be OK and so far it has been. We are figuring it out as we go.”

She recently celebrated her son Jake’s birthday. “A special birthday for a special 5 year old!!!” she wrote on Instagram. “Our pond was frozen over in perfect condition for a night skate! What a treat!!! Happy birthday, Jake! I know you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!”

Country Living Nation previously reported on Underwood’s parenting style, including restricting screen time:

Carrie Underwood is keeping her kids away from technology for “as long as possible.”

“It’s such a battle,” the country star said during an appearance on the TODAY show. “Even television—I’ve noticed that if they watch too much TV, they have an attitude shift, and I’m like, ‘Why are you moody? What are you doing?’”

Underwood admitted that they have “learned a lot from different television programs” but added that it’s still “a struggle” to keep them away from screens.

“[I’m keeping my kids off of phones for] as long as possible,” she went on. “There’s been a whole grassroots initiative within their school—a bunch of parents getting together and discussing how we can keep our kids away from technology, especially social media.”