‘An absolute miracle’: Dog reunited with his owner 5 years later at an adoption event
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‘An absolute miracle’: Dog reunited with his owner 5 years later at an adoption event

A dog, Will, was reunited with his owner, Hannah, after having gone missing 5 years ago. They were reunited at an adoption event run by the Clear the Clermont County Animal Shelter.(Clear the Clermont County Animal Shelter/Rescue Me Animal Advocacy via Facebook)

SHARONVILLE, Ohio (WXIX/Gray News) – A woman in Ohio was filled with joy and relief after she reunited with her long-lost dog at an adoption event.

The Clear the Clermont County Animal Shelter shared the heartwarming reunion on their Facebook page, calling it an “absolute miracle.”

It had been nearly five years since Hannah, whose last name was not provided, had seen her dog, Will, after he wandered away from her home in October 2019. Despite numerous efforts to find him, Hannah and her family feared the worst and started to lose hope that they would ever see their beloved golden retriever again.

But that spark of hope rekindled after the owners saw a photo of a stray dog out of Clermont County.

On Friday, the shelter received a Facebook message from Hannah about a senior golden retriever they had in their shelter named Rome. She explained to the organization that she believed this could be her dog, Will.

Rome was scheduled to be an adoptable dog at My Furry Valentine over the weekend, alongside hundreds of other animals. A volunteer quickly messaged Hannah and her family back and told them Rome would be at the event and they could meet him there, according to the animal shelter.

On Saturday, Hannah showed up at the Sharonville Convention Center, hoping that Rome was actually her dog. And he was.

“Tears of joy flowed as Hannah rushed to the location where Rome was and as she rounded the corner, there he was,” the shelter said. “Her faithful companion, Will.”

While Will had aged in the five years that he was missing, going from a curious 6-year-old to a senior pup, the shelter said his “spirit is as youthful as ever.”

The shelter said the reunion was “nothing short of magical” and said it was a testament to the “unwavering loyalty and love that exists between humans and their four-legged friends.”

“The heartwarming story of Hannah and Will’s reunion serves as a reminder of the incredible impact that social media can have in bringing communities together, especially in times of need,” the shelter said.

While some may call it luck and others may call it a miracle, Will and Hannah are just happy to be back together.

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