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Carrie Underwood is not only a successful singer and actress, she’s also a busy mother of two boys. Here’s what she’s had to say about parenthood.


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Carrie Underwood is an international icon and celebrity that is not afraid to get completely candid about her journey through motherhood. The renowned country singer freely talks about her parenting hits and misses and how she juggles her career and family life. Carrie Underwood is married to Mike Fisher and the couple celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2020. Before she got pregnant for the first time, Carrie confessed to PEOPLE that she had “never been the kind to think about kids.”

The couple welcomed their first son Isaiah in 2015. Three years later, baby Jacob joined the family, making the couple proud parents of two boys. According to Carrie, the parenthood journey has not been easy. While they have had to endure some tough times, the challenges hold no comparison to the happiness their two children bring them.

Carrie’s Post-Baby Workouts

Underwood says that exercise is definitely a priority and she does it as often as she can. This is a habit that she cultivated even before becoming a mother. While pregnant with her babies, Underwood still did some supervised workouts to help keep her in shape. How did she manage to look so good post-baby? After giving birth to her first son Isaiah, she did some workouts including everything from mountain climbing to squats to deadlifts. She says however that getting that stunning body back after having her second son Jacob was not as easy as the first round.

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Those with body image struggles like Underwood once did, can get inspiration from this piece of her best fitness advice. “Take it day by day, smile at the girl in the mirror, and work out because [you] love [your] body and all it has done and will continue to do!”

Carrie’s Parenting Mistakes

According to US Magazine, Underwood admitted to making some rookie mistakes while raising her sons. One of those instances was taking her younger son Jacob to a restaurant for a lunch invite and not carrying enough diapers and wipes to the changing room when she had to change him.

These are mistakes that any mother can relate to. As she juggles her family and career, Underwood is always quick to acknowledge her husband’s help in raising their sons. In one Instagram post, she thanked her husband for taking care of the boys, giving her more time to sleep. She encouraged all fathers to do the same every once in a while for their wives. “It makes all the difference in the world!” she said.

Despite the normal challenges parenting comes with, Underwood does however express her joy as she watches her sons grow. On an Instagram post during Jacob’s 1st birthday she expresses her deep love for her boys and wishes to see their personalities continue to shine as they grow older. Her advice to young parents is “Balance is what it’s all about.” This is directed to mothers who have to work and still take care of their children.

Carrie’s Miscarriages

Most parents will attest to the fact that raising children does come with its own sets of challenges. Underwood confesses that she is no different and that her parenthood journey has not been without its challenges as well. After the birth of their son Isaiah, Underwood and husband Mike Fisher underwent multiple painful miscarriages in less than two years. It was one of the darkest moments in their marriage and something they did not envision having to deal with. According to a statement they made in Good Morning America, Underwood says that her husband was supportive throughout that period and even encouraged her to try for another baby after the ordeal. “We’re gonna have another baby, and it’s gonna be a boy, and his name’s gonna be Jacob,'” Fisher said to her.

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She confesses to having an honest conversation with God where she expressed her hurt and anger. Soon after, she visited her doctor who told her that she was pregnant and that this time the pregnancy was viable. After baby Jacob was born, Fisher explained that they named their son after the biblical Jacob whose name was given after he wrestled with God throughout the night until he got his blessing. This is the same experience they had after Underwood decided to be honest with God about their predicament.

Currently, Underwood is working towards inspiring working moms and advising them on how to balance their lives to raise healthy families. Her favorite quote to women going through hard times while raising their children states, “OK, if I can do that, I can do anything.”


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