Carrie Underwood has given a rare insight into life with two young sons, revealing that her eldest is beginning to understand that his mom does not have a “normal” job.

Carrie appeared on The Today Show on Friday to give details on her upcoming Denim and Rhinestone tour, and she rocked a gorgeous denim two-piece with the short featuring intricate rhinestone detailing along the pockets. The short shorts showed off Carrie’s legs and she paired the look with ankle stiletto boots.

WATCH: Carrie Underwood says son is beginning to realize mom ‘does not have a normal job’

“Isaiah is more aware that it is not normal, and he will go to school and someone will say, ‘I saw your mom on TV,’ so he is more aware that his mom does something that is not normal,” Carrie shared with Sheinelle Jones.

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She also revealed that Isaiah and her youngest Jacob will fly with their dad Mike Fisher to see their mom on tour when they are out of school, and she will visit on her days off.

The mom-of-two also spoke about why she has taken so much time between tours, admitting that she is “notorious for taking space between tours” because “I want things to feel special and feel thoughtful with how we execute everything”.

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Carrie and Sheinelle met in South Carolina where Carrie’s tour will kick off, and the singer revealed her mobile gym that travels on the tour with her. Carrie is a huge fan of exerciisng and recently revealed the exact leg workout she favors from her fitness app Fit52.

“Get your sweat on with squats, lunges, step-ups, and more,” the description in the app reads.

“Uniquely developed by celebrity trainer Eve Overland and designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Get results with these easy-to-follow workouts you can do anywhere.”

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Carrie created Fit52 with Eve in 2020. The app is designed to encourage and support people on their wellness journey, offering a wide range of workout routines that can be done in as little as 30 minutes.

The Denim and Rhinestones tour kicks off on 15 October. Tickets are available from Ticketmaster.

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