Carrie Underwood has had no shortage of memorable duets and encounters, being honored with the opportunities to collaborate with Vince Gill and the Randy Travis early on in her career.

While those names stand out on her vocal resumé, one virtually unrealistic opportunity was made possible by a fan who spliced her version of a song with a rendition recorded by a legend who has passed on.

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For his 2008 album Christmas Duets, Elvis Presley‘s iconic voice was mashed with modern artists to make incredible Christmas duets. The album featured Martina McBride, Leann Rimes, Amy Grant, and many more.

Underwood joined him on the song “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and it has become the ultimate holiday ballad we’ve been yearning for.

Presley’s voice opened up the masterpiece with a soulful tone and raw emotion. Underwood transitioned into her own solo, angelically complementing the cool vocals Presley had just delivered.

While we expected to hear their voices in entirely separate lyrics throughout the song, we were pleasantly surprised when their vocals not only overlap the other, but create a beautiful and chilling harmony that leaves us wanting more.

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Listen to the duet below.

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