Skopje is certainly far more than it seems at first! By now I even have assembled an entire list of top things to try to to in Skopje and it’s something like this.

1. Hunt as many quirky sculptures as possible

I don’t think there’s the other city that has numerous sculptures! As a part of the Skopje 2014 project, the town center underwent a serious renovation. This included erecting many sculptures, actually numerous of them that you simply lose a track at some point. They mostly represent Macedonian artists, major historical figures (including Alexander the good standing proudly atop a column within the middle of the Macedonia Square), or random shopaholic girls and divers. you’ll play a game together with your travel companion to ascertain who can spot the foremost sculptures!

2. Form an opinion about the interesting architecture

Sculptures weren’t the sole outcome of the Skopje 2014 project. the fashionable architecture along the Vardar River was a part of it too. Some buildings are impressive, others look funny and out of place, but altogether they create a stimulating mix (especially contrasted with the old block of flats on the opposite side of the river). i do not think you’ll find the other capital with such artificial architecture within the heart of the city!

3. return in time at the Old Bazaar

Only a couple of steps faraway from the Macedonia Square is that the Old Bazaar. this is often the historic center of Skopje with its major Ottoman heritage – you’ll find mosques, hamams and caravanserais here. lately the Old Bazaar remains bustling with life as numerous cafes, restaurants and shops are located here. The Old Bazaar is that the most charming place in Skopje, and doubtless its biggest attraction. to possess a full check out the place head to Hotel Arka and its rooftop cafe – you’ll have the simplest view of the Old Bazaar and therefore the center of Skopje from there!

4. Enjoy the amazing cafe culture

What surprised me most about Skopje and made me really fall crazy with it had been the amazing cafe culture! There are with great care many great cafes – vibrant, filled with local clientele and with specialized coffee. you’ll find the simplest ones either within the Old Bazaar or in Debar Maalo, a bohemian area of the town , near the town center. you’ll spend the entire day just visiting the cafes and still you’ll spend next to zilch , as Skopje is one among the foremost affordable cities within the Balkans!

5. Discover the Brutalist architecture

After the tragic 1963 earthquake much of the city’s buildings had to be rebuilt. This happened during the height of recognition of Brutalism, the style of architecture known for using mostly raw concrete. As a result, Skopje has some fine samples of Brutalist architecture all round the city. within the center you’ll find a stimulating main post office block during this style, but the important treat for all architecture lovers is that the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University where the entire campus was inbuilt that style!

6. See the town from Mount Vodno

This magnificent mountain, seen from most locations everywhere the town , makes an ideal half-day trip from Skopje. Just mount the red double decker bus and after a couple of minutes you’ll reach the lower station of the car which will take you all the thanks to the highest of Mount Vodno, next to the Millennium Cross. From there you’ll either go hiking on one among the paths or just enjoy the stunning view of Skopje and therefore the surrounding area.

7. Connect with nature in Matka Canyon

For an ideal nature getaway, attend Matka Canyon. It’s just a brief bus ride from the middle , and it truly may be a real natural wonder. The deep mountainsides and therefore the river Treska create an ideal scene every nature lover will fall for. this is often an ideal place to flee the hustle and bustle of the town and be surrounded by breathtaking nature. Along the canyon you’ll visit numerous churches and monasteries; you’ll hike there, or pass a ship or kayak. Alternatively, you’ll just occupy the foot of the canyon and luxuriate in the gorgeous views while sipping coffee at the local cafe.

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